Minette Ramia
Dru Yoga Teacher

I found my love for yoga in 2006 when I was living in Beijing, China. It has been a big part of my life ever since, and has evolved into something I love having as a daily practice in my life. Having yoga in my life is what helps keep me grounded and centered, calm and relaxed, healthy and happy! It gives me energy and zest for life and the strength to face challenges in my life. Physically it increases my flexibility, helps keep my spine healthy and strong, expands my breath and increases my lung capacity. Mentally/Emotionally it improves my focus and clarity, boosts my confidence, relaxes me and helps me let go of stress and anxiety I am holding onto in my life. It helps me to stay positive, be kind to others,  be active in the community, more connected with nature and the environment. The list is endless.

I strongly believe that yoga should accessible to ALL and that it would prove to be positively beneficial in so many ways for anyone who desires to practice it.

This is why I love teaching Dru Yoga. It is a beautiful form of yoga and makes it accessible to ALL.